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By: D. E. Phillips-El Acting Grand Sheik



In the life of every human being, there are two voices that speak to the heart. Each voice has immense power and each voice constantly struggle to gain influence over our lives that ultimately effect our decisions that we make each and every day. In order to understand which voice we should listen to, we must first understand who we are. This will enable us to be able to discern truth from falsehood, and make lofty decisions.

In the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple Of America, Chapter III, Elihu’s Lesson-The Unity of Life, Elihu taught that there are two selves. The Higher self and the Lower self. Elihu taught that the Higher Self is Human Spirit clothed with Soul and made in the form of Allah. He said that the Lower Self, the carnel self, the body of desires, is a reflection of the Higher Self, distorted by the murky ethers of the flesh.

The one Voice that informs us of our duty to God Allah and His fellow Creatures speaks only the TRUTH, but to be able to hear this voice of Wisdom, one must learn to be still. Being still means to be free from clamor; to be peaceful and tranquil. When we are in this State of Consciousness, we can hear Wisdom spoke to us from out of the highest plane of Spirit Life. Every word spoken are words of Virtue, and when we hear them and follow their instructions, life is much sweeter, our decisions much brighter.

The other Voice we hear informs us also, but this Voice is a LIAR, and seeks only to deceive us or to tempt us to indulge in immorality. This Voice is rich in promises, but poor in blessedness and peace, it offers pleasure, joy and satisfying gain, but gives unrest, misery and death. This Voice is very cunning, because it sometimes sounds like the truth. However, it’s motives is only to mislead us, and the decisions we make based on this Voice leads us only to shame and disappointment.

When we learn and understand who we truly are and learn to listen to one Voice as Jesus did when He went into the wilderness for self examination, we learn to live a life of Love, Truth, Peace, freedom, and Justice. So as we contemplate the above, we should therefore ask ourselves, which Voice are we listening to.





By: D.E. Phillps-El (Acting Ass. Grand Sheik)


The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple Of America Is not Just (48) chapters of Divine edict. but also a guide that will enable us to become successful In everyday living.

The Holy Koran with it's (48) chapters teaches us among other things how man was formed In the flesh. and It also teaches about many of our great failings In life. and why we should worship under our own vine and fig tree. Jesus said. "The great works of masterminds to restore the heritage of man and bring him back to the estate that he lost. Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the great mastermind for the Moors. The first step that every reader must absolutely take Is having a desire for change. as this great book does not possess any magical powers that Immediately transform your life by being its reader. It does however possess specific instructions that if applied on a dally basis will cure your life of many of the ills you were not born with. The Holy Koran Chapter (37) and also Act" 5 of the additional laws more specifically, instruct us that every member should exercise his five senses who is able to do so, because out from your Sunday school comes the guiders of the nation. Exercise mean to practice and practice makes perfect. Not only will we learn to be more responsible for our own lives. but we also learn to guide family and others away from harm and destruction.

Moors you can change your life and transmute from hopelessness and despair to Joy and successful living, because the Holy Koran, will open the window to a much brighter future. as this self help newsletter more commonly known as the everlasting Gospel.