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By: A. Casey-Bey/Acting Mufti


One of the biggest misconceptions about Islam is that it is a religion for Middle Eastern people who espouse terrorist ideas. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mohammad the First was the founder of the uniting of Islam. He was a Prophet of God-Allah, who was commissioned by Allah. The Turks are the true descendants of Hagar, and are the chief protectors of the Islamic Creed of Mecca. Beginning from Mohammad the First. The Moorish, are the ancient Moabites who are the Founders of the Holy City of Mecca. All Prophets taught Islam, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, and the last Prophet in these days, Prophet Noble Drew Ali. However, Islam is before any of these Prophet and was the Principle teaching of Adam and Eve, because Islam is a faith that requires humanity to recognize their duty toward God-Allah, his Creator, and His fellow Creatures. Islam teaches the supreme duty of living at peace with one's surroundings.

Islam, which is the Mohammedan religion, is a religion of· peace, and this religion is recognized by millions of worshippers allover the world. Islam does not teach hatred, slander, murder, lewdness, or theft of any kind, and for those who have strayed contrary to the principles of peace are not followers in the true sense of the word. In Islam and the Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America more specifically teaches us that, man is possessed of will, and in it, he has the power to choose. It is truly sad that much cruel and unusual discrimination has been heap upon the sons on men for the wrong that some have done. Our Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America teaches us that; "It is cruelty that makes the world awry, and when men have learned that when they harm a living thing, they harm themselves, they surely will not cause a thing that Allah has made to suffer pain.

Our Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali teaches us that, the Final Abode of man is the "House of Peace", where no vain word or sinful discourse will be heard. and a true follower of Islam in the true sense of the word is one whose hands, tongue and thoughts do not hurt others. Due to much of the media reporting of Islam, the world has a one sided view of what this beautiful religion really teaches it’ s followers. I am a member of the Moorish Science Temple Of America, Inc. which is a Holy and Divine Movement, founded for the sole purpose of uplifting fallen humanity. This Unity of Allah is the first and foremost pillar of Islam, and every other belief hangs upon it. The World needs to learn to love instead of hate, and until it does, there will never be peace which means Islam.





                               Bro. K. Sutton-El/Acting Mufti


Our Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali toId us to “Establish unto thyself principles of action, and see that thou ever according to them". We were given the five highest principles known to man.  LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM. and JUSTICE. Moors. the weather is getting hot and Satan is going to and fro the earth seek log whom he may devour. We must not give Into the temptations of the lower-self. by allowing our so-called friends, homeboys, or dirty Moors to seduce or persuade us to engage In any folly that causes our brothers, Asia or Rome to look at us In a negative way.

Remember Moors, we are for peace and not destruction. We are not a gang. so we shouId not be doing anything to cause another person to think like that. We must aIways remember that we are Moorlsh AmerIcan Moslems and our conduct In public shouId be that of our Prophet. We should never do anything that would cause the public to disagree with the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. So when ever a situation arises you should ask yourself: what would Prophet Noble Drew Ali do? The Law will be enforced on all those who willfully violate our Holy and Divine Laws.

The Mufti Staff will be out in full force making sure that LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE. FREEDOM and JUSTICE is the order of the day. True Moors will obey the law and stay inside of the law. Moors are not outlaws. We are disciples of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and our mission Is to uplift humanity and spread the teachings of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. So Moors, please display good Moorish character on the yard, in the units and anywhere where the public might have reason to go, because the peace of society depends on Justice. and alI Mufti's are duty bound to uphold the Law.