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Bro. William Parker-Bey, Grand Governor/Grand Sheik.

Emeritus. was born on September 19, 1912 a year before the Prophet Noble Drew Ali founded the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. 1913 A.D., In Newark, New Jersey.

Bro. William Parker-Bey was recently called forth by the Great God Allah, lived a ripe old age of (94). before leaving this earth land, during the latter part .of' June, 2006. He was well known and respected by all that knew him; particularily, the Incarcerated men and women throughout the penal system, both State and Federal. To the men and womenin the Michigan penal system, he was known by various names  such as: "Big Daddy", "Big Papa,” “Grand Daddy”, “Bro Bey”, etc.

Bro. W. Parker-Bey, began his ministry in 1974 as a volunteer coordinator for the M.S.T.A. and. even though hIs health caused him to retire from this position, he nevertheless still made trips throughout the prison system (State and federal) to show his undying devotion to the Movement by assisting his brother's and sisters in their time of need.

There is so much that can be said in honor of this giant among the sons of men, but, in his own words, despite his poor health, "As soon as my doctor gives me the OK. I have every intention to continue my work in the prisons".




by Bro. B. G. Griffrin-Bey