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(Part One)

By: Brother D. Foster Bey


Moorish men have very large debts owed to our Ancient Forefathers. Rejecting our cultural duties and responsibilities as Asiatic Fathers, leaves our children to be taught a Westernized Culture. This road separates the man from the family, leaving him without true knowledge of raising a child.

Our children are swamped by a Tsunami of swills that validates all the wrong things. They are in need of fathers who can be depended upon to validate the right things in life.

In the story of "Roots", to become men, Kunta and the other adolescents were taken to "Manhood Training Camps," as a Rite of passage. The first thing their teacher told them was, "If they were to return home as men, their fears! must be erased; because, a fearful man is a weak man and a weak man is a danger to his family, village, and tribe."


It is a manhood duty to protect the welfare of every man, woman, and child. No one is above anyone! Myself and like minded brothers must meet the objective of turning these prisons into "Manhood/Womanhood" training camps; this is the only way to help our brothers and sisters in' our Moorish Community. Until we get this mind-set, our brothers and sisters in prison as well as on the streets will continue to die and suffer at the hands of those who have no mercy.

I hope that this article will start a chain reaction that will encourage our people to throw off the self-destructive lies that Asiatic fathers do not care or matter. (To be continued ... )