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Mesage from the Acting Assistant Grand Sheik
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"In this electrified age men are racing into this life without complete knowledge of where they are going, or what the end will be, when riches seem to be their only pursuit, to be obtained anyway and at any cost; when selfishness, avarice, greed and lust dominate their very being; when humanity in general is left at the mercy of those whom have no mercy in them. It is truly wonderful and astounding to see one come into this mad human drama for the sole purpose of saving humanity. Losing all sight on those things worldly and yielding absolutely to a cause higher than has ever yet been attained. This picture is the likeness of Prophet Noble Drew" Ali, who is serving humanity ... " (Moorish Literature pg. 9)

If we view humanity on a global scale, we can see everything that Prophet Noble Drew Ali prophesized, has come and is coming into fruition. Those who have an abundance of wealth, power and information is choking the spirituality out of humanity due to their greed and selfishness.

Custodians of society have hardened their hearts towards the cries of the public.  They are in love  with power and control. They labor only after world domination.


Disguising themselves as men of righteousness, they are pleased in their cunning, but full of wickedness, With the sale mission to fleece the people. "O think not bold men, because thy punishment is delayed, that the arms of Allah is weakened; neither flatter thyself with hopes that He winketh at thy doings.

True active and not passive Moors can ca 11 upon latent powers from the Prophet, put them into action as a. matter of defense-- protecting those who are weak, sick, poor, ignorant, and those who are oppressed. True Moors, will take the teachings that was given to our Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali, from Allah, and spread it to the four corners of the world to all nations.


Humanity must be uplifted from the unwholesome depths of poverty, misery and suffering and placed on the solid rock of salvation. Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice is the only thing that can save our nation and the world.  Now is the time for, every Moor to take their place in the affairs of men, and carry out our prophet's divine mission. "Uplift Fallen Humanity!" True Moors will continue to follow Prophet Noble Drew Ali, to a destiny which is not uncertain nor unknown.



Brother K. Sutton El, Acting Asst. Grand Sheik