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 Pictured with Bro, L, Parker-Bey are his beautiful mother and lovely grandmother.



Bro. Parker Bey was born Lamar Pierre Parker to two loving parents on December 18, 1982. Lamar’s father enlisted in the armed services, and Lamar was born on a military base in San Diego, California. Shortly after Lamar was born his father was transferred to a military base in Japan, where the family resided until Lamar was five years of age.

Shortly after his younger brother was born, the family moved hack to Detroit.  However, having been away from his extended family for most of his life, Lamar appeared to be shy and withdrawn. That did not last long. Once finding his comfort level, Lamar opened up and started to exhibit his fun loving and outgoing personality.

In school Lamar was always an energetic child. He soon began acting out, and found himself in the principals office on more than one occasion because of his disruptive behavior. It was not long before Lamar began to experience the attention of the opposite sex, causing him to become the “Class Clown”, doing anything and everything to gain the attention of the girls. This however would eventually lead to him leaving school early.

After dropping out of high school, Lamar found himself sitting at home all day with nothing to do, and that lack of motivation and sense of direction eventually led him to the streets. It was then that he started fjrst selling drugs, and then committing robberies to maintain his lifestyle. Lamar did however find time to acquire his G.E.D Certificate, and even attended college for a while., but that only lasted for a moment  because Lamar was eventually arrested and sent to orison.

Once in prison and away from his family, Lamar had to reach out to the only person who really understood what was going on inside his head and his heart. He reached out to God. And in doing so, he once again reconnected with the most important of himself. But Lamer continued to act out and seek the attention of others. He was still showing signs of being the “Class Clown”. Under the surface I could see that Lamar was truly a bright young man just looking for direction in life, and that is when I invited him to come to our Religious Meetings.


The one thing that stood out the most to me, was the fact that Lamar would use the “N” word repeatedly and vowed that no one would stop him using that word. I knew in my heart that if he were placed in the right situation that would allow  him to find the true strength that he possessed that someday he would reach his full potential.  Today Lamar is well on his way.


I am blessed to be looked upon by Bro. L. Parker as both friend and a father figure in his life. I remember the day that I issued him his Nationality Card, and the joy and admiration that showed on his face.  I knew that his soul had been touched, and that his Spirit was once again alive and eager to learn about God, A force that we Moslems call Allah.

Brother L. Parker Bey shared with me the fact that once  he came to our meetings, that he was moved because he had never seen so many brothers so eager and willing to learn about God and about themselves, He was inspired at that time to become apart of this movement, and his life was from that point forever changed.

Today Bro. L. Parker Bey is truly one of the most beautiful brothers that you could ever want to meet.  Not only have I not heard him use the “N” word at all since the time that he joined the movement, but he has also stopped using profanity in public, or displaying any actions that would cause the public to disagree with this movement. Bro. Parker Bey did not hesitate to step up when he was needed to become a Mufti, a Temple Security Officer, and he works diligently to ensure that brothers twice his age, and who have been members of the Moorish Science Temple of America far longer than he, stay focused, and live their lives in conjunction with the laws of our Temple.

Bro. L. Parker Bey is truly an asset to our Temple and this community, and we are blessed to have this brother among our midst. This brother has truly earned the privilege of being featured as our very first Moor Of The Month, and we pray that he continue to grow and unfold into the True Man and True Moslem that he is. 


If you would like to communicate with Bro. L. Parker Bey, you may do so at the address below:


Bro. Lamar P. Parker Bey # 512069

16770 S. Watertower Rd.

Kincheloe, Michigan 49788