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Our mission at the Kinross Institutional Missionary Temple #43 under the leadership of Acting Grand Sheik Bro. D.E. Smith-Bey, is to teach our members to have race pride and learn to love instead of hate. By doing so, will enable them to use their inherent  power to redeem themselves and their race. We teach our members that our present and future happiness is not contingent on something or someone else, but that each of us possesses within ourselves the seed of perfect development, and it is on them to make or mar their own fortune. We teach our members to have Self-Worth, Self-Respect, and Self-Reliance, as this is the chemistry which make men dependable, and more responsible. Moreover, it guides us in the right way so that we will give the best that is in us, and it also teaches us to use the light of wisdom that helps us see the best that is in others. We teach our members to support charitable acts, volunteer their services to others, build a solid economic structure, invest in our communities, and most importantly, to have a greater appreciation for womanhood.

Being faithful to Allah and the Temple as espoused by our National Leadership, has blessed us with the ability to be able to sponsor many events for our membership. We sponsor the "Moorish Spelling Bee Contest", "Funday Events" and "Moorish Cookouts" where we serve our membership to show our appreciation for those who continue to be steadfast and dedicated. We also publish the "Moorish Word Pamphlet" bi-monthly and have established the "Moorish Young People League". This League of young brothers meet once a week to learn about economic security, volunteer services, and how to fill out job applications, etc.